Private Voice Lessons


Take a private voice lesson with Chrisette Michele 

For the artist who is ready to take their singing career to the professional level. Chrisette’s style is dedicated to teaching classic technique, evolving a student’s personal style, and bringing ones authentic self to the stage. CM is known to leave it all on the stage in her soulful performances. Whether it’s gospel, soul, R&B, jazz or rock, you will bring your “A” game to the stage with grace and excellence. If you are working towards an audition or preparing for a school talent show, students will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers in all musical styles.


Ten Class Curriculum Pack

Save $250 when you book a “Ten Class Curriculum Pack” and you’ll spend 10 classes building a repertoire and learning pro-voice skills!

What’s the “Ten Class Curriculum Pack”?

Chrisette is very passionate about is each persons individual voice. We all have a few sounds, styles, and emotion choices inside of our instrument. In the Ten Class Curriculum Pack, students are shown how to tap into the full spectrum of their voice using Soul, Classical, and Broadway voice techniques.

Here, Chrisette helps students begin the creation of a well rounded repertoire that hones in on 1 classical Broadway tune, 1 Soul/Jazz or Gospel tune and (optional) one Art/Opera piece. This array of sounds give singers the opportunity to understand voice placement, stylization, clear tone and the more intricate sounds of a soulful tone. This is also great for elementary and high school students looking supplement or create a music program in a school that may not offer one.

Students are also given a class in stage performance and shown how different styles ask for different presentations. Vocalists will be trained in singing with their mind, body and soul. Ear training, sight reading and warm up scales create a well rounded curriculum for a well trained student.

This Package is suitable for students of all ages and levels. It gives young singers a chance to explore and more seasoned singers a change of pace. This course adds variety to the repertoire and a deeper understanding of tone, style and voice placement.

Week 1-3: “What is My Range?”

  • Students are given warm up drills to find their range, head voice, chest voice and mental blocks.

  • Students are pushed outside of their comfort zone to experiment with mouth shapes, postures and breath exercises. Here they are able to see what other notes are available to them by using new techniques.

  • Ear training and introductory sight reading begins during these weeks.

  • Chrisette pays close attention to the voice, tone and style of the singer here. Vocalists are given very specific breath work and range homework each week. Most students notice a major change during these three weeks.

Weeks 4-6: “How to Rehearse a Song”

  • Students receive their sheet music and instrumentals for their new pieces.

  • Students begin understanding the emotion and context of the new music.

  • Students learn and rehearse new music.

  • Chrisette shares her personal practice techniques. Phrasing, story building, conveying emotion and caressing the notes begins.

Weeks 7-9: “How to Style”

  • Students find who and what inside of them resonates with each moment of each song. Here students are learning to find their different inner singing voices and how to apply them to music.

  • In this block of time students are learning taste, integrity and commitment to lyrics.

  • The memorized music now becomes a part of the students body and soul. The lyrics awaken here and take on their own new life and INTERPRETATION.

Week 10: “Introduction to Performance Technique”

  • What parts of my body does the music live in?

  • Who and what do I become when I sing this song?

  • What do my eyes do? What do my arms do?

  • This particular lesson is the beginnings of graduating the music to stage. When possible, it is recommended that students come in to experience this lesson live.

  • Here Chrisette shares the make up of a live stage, how to own the territory and how to effectively communicate with an audience in both theatre, soul/gospel/R&B, and classical music.


Take It To The Stage Group Voice Lessons

Ages 16 and up

Chrisette Michele works with serious singers to improve vocal range, understanding of breath work, and blending. Students will work thru pro vocal warm ups as they prepare to sing classic and contemporary music. Music choices range from Lauryn Hill’s “Zion” to Yolanda Adams “Still I Rise”. Chrisette will touch on Jazz, Gospel, Soul and R&B.

With this class singers will learn the foundations of singing lead, background and in a group setting. Chrisette will teach how to support a lead singer as a background vocalist and how to articulate, emote and choose stylization as a lead vocalist.  

Each class will end with “Taking It To The Stage”, where students are supported by the rest of the class as they use the tools they’ve gained during class to perform for their peers. Chrisette is known for leaving her heart on the stage and this weekly session she will share her understanding for live vocal performance with singers who desire to Take It To The Stage.