Belly Dance

90 MINUTES $25

Belly Dance Technique taught by one of NYC’s greatest dancers and influencers in the Belly Dance Space. In this open level class students are executing belly dance basics and real choreography. Students don’t just do belly work, but Oshun incorporates veil work as well. Come and enjoy this awesome circle of sisters.

Belly Dance: Tuesday nights at 7 pm

West African & Afro-Beats

90 MINUTES $25

Colorful and rhythmic dance set to specially chosen tunes. Get in touch with the vibrant movement of West African dance and Afro-Beats. These class’s workshop classic dance basics with our incredible instructor “Tammy” and take on beautiful choreographed numbers for the enthusiastic dance student. You don’t want to miss out on these high energy, passionate classes.

West African Dance: Sunday afternoons at 2 pm


90 MINUTES $25

Take Hip Hop, add sensuality, strap on stilettos, and you’ve got Heel’s Class. Come ready to caress your inner diva. Heel’s class is taught by Claudia Allday. She brings the “Yaaaasss Honey” you bring your body. Get brave, get sexy, get your heels on.

Heels: Monday nights at 7 pm

Open Level Hip Hop

60 minutes $25

Hip Hop basics in an energetic class. Learn technique from dancers who have starred in major music video’s and taught across the country. Choreography combinations are taught before class ends in a full on combination.

Hip Hop Friday nights at 7 pm

Allure Dance

60 MINUTES $25

An Allure style dance class is for the everyday woman looking to explore the sensual and more intimate side of dancing. Developed by the incredible. These Red Light classes are made up of 3 choreography styles, floor work, chair tease and stiletto. In an Allure class, the tempo of music is often slower and the music is normally popular R & B. It's the perfect mid-week wind down and probably the most rewarding dose of self-care you can give yourself in studio.

Next “Pop Up” class: Thursday December 6th!