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Private Yoga


Private yoga classes can be created for your personal needs. It’s common for beginners to take private yoga sessions to learn the basic movements of yoga and experience yogic breathing in the private setting. Whether you’re looking for deep meditation or restorative sessions, or you are working on your core, our private yoga sessions are made just for you. Try private yoga sessions alone or with a small group of friends or loved ones. The intimate setting will bring a sense of grounding.

Hip Hop Yoga w/CM

60 minutes

Let’s have some fun and quiet the mind at the same time. If you’re new to yoga or if you’ve been practicing for years and want a new twist, come and enjoy the positive vibes and let the music take the edge off. Mats and props are provided.

Saturday’s: 10:30 am


Gratitude Meditation

60 Minutes

Open up the heart space with guided yin poses. Experience the power of deep yogic breathing. Journal through gratitude promps to the meditative sounds of the singing bowl. Meditate in a restorative position, using props and guided exercises from Chrisette Michele. This guided meditation offering happens once a month and takes the weight of the world off the shoulders. Get the tools you need to create the bliss you desire. Mats and props are provided.

Next Session: Saturday January 26 @ 11:30 am