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Soulful Yoga


A Vinyasa Style yoga class for all levels. Chrisette Michele is curating a soulful playlist just to calm your senses and ease your mind. She's leading the class thru a Vinyasa flow, detoxing the body thru twists and relaxing the body with a Restorative Savasana. Let your hair down, sweat your week away and find your bliss.

This class is suitable for beginners thru intermediate. 

Tuesday’s @ 6:30 am

Thursday’s @ 6:30 am

Saturday’s @ 9 am

Intro to Yoga w/Chrisette Michele - Hip Hop & R&B Playlist

60 minutes

This class takes the mystery out of yoga. Class is set to a Hip Hop & R&B playlist. CM breaks down the basic movements of yoga in plain English. Props are used to modify and assist class members. We work on the core, physical balance, quieting the mind and stretching muscles.

This class is perfect for the beginner who is looking for a yoga class they can relate to.

Monday @ 8:15 pm

Tuesday @ 8:15 pm

Wednesday @ 8:15 pm

Thursday @ 8:15 pm